Ability to stop Autopilot mid-run

  • What is the problem?

Autopilot doesn’t have a way to interrupt and start over with an already-started Autopilot update.

  • Why is it a problem?

There are times when Autopilot will be manually started, but then the user needs to stop it to change a configuration. Sometimes this is just accidental and sometimes a configuration requirement will appear at the time there is a current Autopilot update happening.

  • How do you solve the problem today?

I don’t. I just wait out the currently-running process and then I go in and make the config change and run it again.

  • How would you ideally solve the problem?

A big red “Stop” button. :slight_smile:

  • How big is the problem (business impact, frequency of impact, who is impacted)

It reduces efficiency if we have to wait for a misconfigured Autopilot to finish running before we can do anything about the misconfiguration. Also, if a user remembers in mid-run that something ought to have been changed or it would risk a problem with a Dev, Test, or Live environment, it would be helpful to interrupt the process.

Hey @rob.watson!

So sorry for the delay here. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: I think this is really excellent feedback so I will absolutely submit this to the team today. I will share the JIRA epic with you to keep an eye on should you want!

Keep the feedback rolling in!

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